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We offer:

     FHA- Cash out to 85%

     Conventional Cash out to 80%



There are many reasons to refinance and we can help you. Here are a few of the things refinancing can do:

     Save Money- Refinance to a lower rate and                                               shorten the term of you loan to build                                 wealth

                           - Refinance to a longer term and                                           reduce your monthly payments

     Cash-out     - With values increasing, now is a                                         great time to take cash out of                                               your property for home                                                         improvements, debt                                                              consolidation, college, investments or                              any other reason

     Divorce       - This can be a stressful time, but we                                    can help remove some of that stress                                  by guiding you through the process                                    and unique challenges



It's time to refinance with Lendmor!

Whether you are looking to save money, shorten the term of your home loan, cash out for debt consolidation, home improvements, college, or due to life changes like divorce, we can help you.  Our experience will get you the loan you need at a competitive rate and put your mind at ease.  Call us at the number above or click on "APPLY NOW".