Buying vs. Renting

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Why Buy Instead of Rent?

  1. Lock in your housing expense. Rents are incresing by as much as 10% per year. When you purchase a home, your mortgage payments will be the same for the term of the loan. You may have some increases due to taxes and insurance but that will generally mean the value of your home is increasing.

  2. Gain equity. In the past three years, values are up by as much as 25% in the Denver Metro area, which means on a $200,000 house, you would have $50,000 of equity vs $0 if you had rented. Not only do you get nothing when you rent but you've helped your landlord get the $50,000!

  3. Make the improvements you want. Maybe you've decided that extra bathroom would be nice or finishing part of the basement, but when you are renting, you generally can't make those changes. If you own, you can make the changes you want.

  4. Overtime, houses appreciate. Many people don't think twice about buying a car that is guaranteed to depreciate but find reasons not to buy a house that will appreciate. There are risks, especially if your timeline is short, but those risks can be minimized with knowledge and education.